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Poker Quest : un deckbuilder qui s’appuie sur les jeux de carte « traditionnels » disponible en accès anticipé sur Steam

Playsaurus annonce la disponibilité dès aujourd’hui de Poker Quest. Le deckbuilder peut être téléchargé en accès anticipé sur PC via Steam pour 14,99 €.

Poker Quest prend place dans un univers fantastique mais il se caractérise par l’usage de jeux de carte traditionnels. Pour activer ses équipements, le joueur doit réaliser des combinaisons issus du poker, du blackjack etc.

Le titre intègre également des mécaniques de rogue-like et propose déjà quinze héros différents. Pour l’heure et après trois ans de développement, aucune fenêtre de sortie définitive n’a été communiquée.

Poker Quest

Communiqué de presse

After 3 Years in Development Fantasy Roguelike Card-Battler POKER QUEST Launches Today on Steam Early Access

Battle your way through a world of monsters armed with a standard deck of magical playing cards!

Since the game started its public beta, it received 52 updates and 82384 players killed over 20 Million monsters in 1307390 runs

Laguna Niguel, 20th of July, 2021. Independent studio Playsaurus, developer of the indie hit Clicker Heroes, is proud to announce their new title Poker Quest is available today on Steam Early Access at a price of 14.99 EUR | USD.

Poker Quest is a new roguelike card battler where you progress through a world full of monsters, using a standard deck of playing cards (like the “Queen of Spades”) with magical properties to activate your gear in combat. The game offers a wide variety of playable heroes, each specializing in different strategies that change the way you play.

Choose your hero, and march forward through a diverse, procedurally generated, high-fantasy world. Each of the 15 playable heroes comes with unique gear and abilities, providing many different play styles. In combat, bigger and better hands trigger stronger abilities. Discover hundreds of equips, events, abilities, and monsters.


  • A deep and interesting fantasy world full of Castles, Knights, Wizards, and Dragons. And Playing cards!
  • 15 unique heroes with different play styles. And many more to come!
  • Daily Runs with global stats. See what everyone else did!
  • Challenge runs with game-changing modifiers.
  • Mini-games. Casinos!
  • Hundreds of monsters and thousands of items await you in each run.
  • Choose whether to play with or without permanent upgrades. (“roguelite” vs. “roguelike” modes).

“Poker Quest takes concepts from basic playing card games, like Poker and Blackjack, and adds them into the core of a turn-based roguelike RPG. I really like taking ideas from completely different game genres and seeing how they can be put together in a compelling way. The end result is always going to be something special.” – Fragsworth, CEO at Playsaurus.

An deeper look into Poker Quest Mechanics

Poker Quest feels a lot like a deck-builder, but is fundamentally very different. The world map takes inspiration from games like Slay the Spire, and we created a wide variety of events. Some players might notice that the combat is similar to Dicey Dungeons, but instead of dice, we use playing cards. The 52-card deck is the focus of this game, and Poker Quest contains a vast, novel set of game mechanics that focuses on the properties of these playing cards.

Some of the knowledge that you might know from other card games (like Poker, Blackjack, Cribbage, Bridge, Hearts) will naturally carry over to Poker Quest. Poker Quest is a game that you can play to hone your skills with playing card probabilities, but while playing a fantasy RPG.

With enough practice on the hardest difficulties, the answers to questions like “What are the chances they have a Spade in those two hidden cards?” can become second nature, without thinking much about it.


Playsaurus is a small independent game studio based in California, since its foundation they have developed many games, including the popular Clicker Heroes series, Cloudstone, and more lately, Poker Quest. They love games that are incredibly deep and addicting, and that’s what they aspire to make.

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