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Le jeu de plateforme et de réflexion Backworlds sortira sur Switch le 20 mai 2021

Logic Ember et son éditeur Skymap Games annoncent la sortie sur Switch de Backworlds. Le jeu de plateforme et de réflexion sortira le 20 mai 2021 sur l’eShop de Nintendo.

Pour rappel, Backworlds est accessible sur PC via Steam depuis le 20 février 2020. Dans ce jeu de plateforme, le joueur doit se servir d’un pinceau pour interagir avec l’environnement et trouver les solutions aux différents casse-têtes. L’éditeur précise que l’on pourra pour cela utiliser l’écran tactile ou les fonctionnalités gyroscopiques de la Switch.

Communiqué de presse

Backworlds Paints Itself Onto the Nintendo Switch

The multidimensional puzzler is coming to the Nintendo Switch on May 20th, 2021.

Manchester New Hampshire, April 27th, 2021 – Logic Ember Limited and publisher Skymap Games have announced that the painterly puzzle platformer Backworlds will be releasing digitally on the Nintendo Switch, May 20th, 2021!

The dimension-hopping puzzler was part of the Indie Megabooth official selection at PAX West 2018, and PAX East the following year. Prepare for artistic exploration on the go with a breadth of Switch-specific features!

“The Nintendo Switch is the place to be for quality indie games today, and we are thrilled to be releasing on it. The motion controls and touch screen are perfect for Backworlds, they make the painting mechanics uniquely visceral and we are excited to get it in players’ hands.”

Anders Ekermo, Logic Ember Limited

Main Features

  • Unique painting puzzle mechanics – let the creativity flow in your solutions!
  • Non-linear exploration – choose your own path to explore Backworlds your own way!
  • Explore four unique worlds – each with its own original atmosphere and parallel world mechanics.
  • Find hidden secrets in each level.
  • The brush is mightier than the sword – Take on bosses with difficult puzzle-solving encounters
  • You can definitely feel the art of the world with Backworlds making use of the Nintendo Switch’s HD Rumble feature.
  • Paint with newfound precision using the Nintendo Switch’s Gyroscope and Touch Screen technology!

Explore a Vast World of Perplexing Puzzles and Serene Scenery

Backworlds is a multidimensional puzzler where you explore the world by painting your way through it. Paint between two parallel worlds, each with its own unique set of properties. There are four unique worlds to experience, each with its own parallel world just waiting to be discovered. Discover the depths of a desert with a deep ocean waiting to be explored beneath its surface with a few brush strokes. Flip the gravity on an airship, or climb walls in a city. Only you can solve the puzzles across this diverse and colorful world! 

Wishlist the game today on the Nintendo eShop before it launches on May 20th!

About Logic Ember Limited

Logic Ember was founded by Juha Kangas and Anders Ekermo, a pair of games industry veterans whose combined game design and engineering credits include The Darkness, Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, Syndicate, and StarCraft II, as well as a variety of indie projects. The pair operate as a fluid team, both contributing to game design, art, and programming.

About Skymap Games

Skymap Games is a video game design and development company based out of Game Assembly in Manchester, NH. We believe in crafting ambitious and compelling experiences for players.

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